Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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Souxie & John

A bit of info on John McGeoch's First wedding to a girl by the name of Jan.
Thanks to Shirley for the info.

Interview with a Cultural Terrorist

Tony Kneipp sits down for a press conference with Jello Biafra at Souths Leages club in Brisbane.

Hemp Magazine 1995.

Split Enz Dizrythmia Tour

Thanks to MrK for this great piece of NZ/OZ rock history.
Here's the Split Enz Dizrythmia Tour programme for everyone to have a read of.
A few pages of memorabilia from their gig at the QLD University's Mayne Hall.


Split Enz live photos

And thanks again to Mr K for these photos he took at the show.


Railroad Gin "Rock Mass for Life"

Thanks to the fantastic Mr K from Radio Shirley for this and the next two posts.
Here's the programme for Brizzie Band Railroad Gin's "Rock Mass for Life" they did at St. John's Cathedral on the 26th of May 1974.

John Kennedy

A bit of promotional material for John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong and their mini-album Woe... to Go.


PiL split?

It's official, PiL have not spit up, It was just a Bullsh*t rumour.


Nobody's Heroes

A bit of promotional material for Stiff Little Finger's Second album Nobody's Heroes.


Rockpile & Gen X split

With solo careers in the sights of a few members, both Rockpile and Gen X decide to call it a day.


Poly Styrene

Don Malcolm gives us a bit of an overview on ex X-Ray Specs singer Poly Styrene's new LP "Translucence".

New York Rocker 1981.

Buy...Or Die!!!

A bit of promotional material for a Ralph records sampler.


Merry Christmas from The Johnnys

A Christmas thanks from the band themselves to all the people who picked up a copy of The Johnnys first album "Highlights of a Dangerous Life".

RAM Magazine 1987.

Celebrate The Bullet

A bit of promotional material for the Selecter's second album Celebrate The Bullet.


Mental as Anything

These are a few of my favourite things...
Just back from an overseas jaunt, Oz band Mental as Anything have a chat to James Manning.

Smash Hits Magazine 1987.

Models play for 4ZzZ

A poster for Melbourne band Models 4ZzZ joint effort, playing with The Frontier Scouts and The Bystanders.
Thanks to Glenn for this one.

about 1983.

The Great Rock & Roll Swindle

Another Pistols post...

The soundtrack for the "mockumentary" The Great Rock & Roll Swindle sees the light of day on vinyl with an exclusive preview for the press.


Surviving Pistols Confess All

Paul Cook and Steve Jones have a few things to say to Nick Kent on the demise of The Pistols.


Killing Off The Kennedys

The continuing saga of The Dead Kennedy's obscenity trial.

RAM Magazine 1987.

Madness on Holiday

Madness head off to The Bahamas for a bit of R&R in the steamy tropical heat.

NME 1981.

I Spit On Your Gravy

A bit of promotional material for Melbourne band "I Spit On Your Gravy" with their Sydney tour dates for 1987.

I caught this band in Ipswich west of Brisbane at about that time and they were good fun (a bit filthy) but good fun.

Buzzcocks Lovebuzz

The Buzzcocks get back together again for another tour.
So let's look back at a bit of history on the band.

Uncut 2003.